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Seems Barua from Boss your Birth

Seema is a mum of two and lives with her husband and daughters in Essex. She is a Counsellor and Birth Trauma Therapist, Antenatal Educator, a Birth Doula, Infant and Children’s Sleep Coach, and a Hindi Interpreter.

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Seema’s journey has allowed her to support hundreds of women and families in providing education and information for women to feel empowered about their birth choices, freedom within the birthing space and encouraging women to find and use their voices.

A woman has a right to talk, ask for help, get educated, be empowered, say no and be a badass about how she births her baby!

We grow little people inside our bodies. We bring babies into this world. We make this world a bigger place and we keep it going.

We are everything

You are everything

Jess from Boss your Birth

Boss Your Birth has been developed (pun!) by experienced midwife (NHS and private), mum of two, college teacher, staunch eyebrow-raiser, and all round excellent human, Jess Smart. She has two sons, Dexter and Casper, and is married to Craig. They live in Worthing, West Sussex.

The BYB method was developed after seeing that current birth courses didn’t seem to fit the bill for most of the families that were cared for. Women should have access to education and information to empower themselves to have the best time possible for birth, whilst still having a sense of reality about all the maybes and what ifs.

Jess and Seema want to ensure that there was support and advice for families after baby arrives too, because that is the biggest and scariest part of all!

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